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Invest & Develop


To create unique and exciting places to live and work with a strong emphasis on creative design and environmentally friendly building techniques.


Our projects are constructed with respect for human values ​​with priority given to the safety of staff and the protection of the environment and social space.

We apply innovative techniques, use of technologically advanced, innovative, high-strength materials, so that our constructions contribute to sustainable urban development. The environmental, social and economic impact of our buildings is a criterion of quality of life and the vision of our business activities.


PROFASIS S.A. is a private real estate company offering investment, development, management and sustainability services in Greece and Cyprus.

Founded in 2017, we constantly acquire properties and we own and manage a diversified real estate portfolio that we seek to grow both in size and quality.


We specialize in developing innovative sustainable buildings across Greece with a strong focus on Athens and Arcadia.

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